You know that gloomy feeling that something is just not right? Most of the time, if this happens to me, it’s just before going to the mall or going on a day trip. I used to just ignore these feelings and go about my business as usual, but I ignored it up until my wife and I almost walked into a bit of gang activity at the local mall. And that’s when I felt we should not have been there to begin with.

A verbal altercation rapidly turned physical between eight or ten people. I saw things getting ready to happen in plenty of time to move us well away from the problem and avoided getting involved or hurt.

Taking It Seriously
That’s when I started taking these feelings seriously. Usually, all I need to do is postpone things for about an hour and everything is fine. Other times, I’ll wait till the next day. And most of the time, some sort of bad activity has happened about the same time we would have been there. Now if I get one of these feelings I take it to heart and my first step is avoidance. We stay away from areas or places where there is a high possibility of finding trouble or trouble finding us. I’m not sure if they are called premonitions, intuition or just a gut feeling, but I had something happen to me that makes me believe in them 100 percent of the time.

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