Each time I begin a SHOT Show Security Roundup, I find myself “preaching” about the necessity for protecting our firearms from unauthorized access. Morally, politically, and in many instances, legally, gun security is a must! As more states join the “shall issue” continuum, we can only hope the number of folks enjoying the benefits of firearms will continue to increase. With this increase will come the burden for people to get the training required to handle the firearms, to spend the necessary time to practice and keep the skills learned, and, finally, to secure those firearms in a responsible way.

firearmsec2.jpgStrolling the aisles of the 2007 Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show, I searched for items to assist both new and established firearms owners to secure their firearms. My apologies to those I failed to mention. I did the best I could with more floor space than ever before to cover!

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