The Firestorm 38’s short, 2-inch barrel makes it an ideal option for concealed carry.

While many of today’s newer handgun shooters have little appreciation for revolvers, there is still a substantial market out there of folks who prefer the double-action (DA) “wheelgun” to the autopistol. When I started my law enforcement career in 1976, the revolver was still the mainstay of uniformed and plainclothes officers. In today’s world, cop’s holsters usually contain a high-capacity pistol, while revolvers are generally relegated to back-up/off-duty use and are normally the small frame “snub-nose” type. Most of the new revolvers that I have seen introduced in the past few years have been of the small to medium-sized variety, with the days of “Dirty Harry” having come to an end back in the mid-to-late 1980’s.

Gun Details
Among the latest revolvers to come on the scene is the Firestorm 38 from Eagle Imports and is part of the company’s Firestorm line of handguns. Over the years I have tested several Firestorm products and have been impressed with their quality and affordability. Today’s Firestorm offerings include a small DA .380 ACP pistol, along with the Mini-Firestorm Pro series of compact DA self-loaders in 9mm, .40 S&W or .45 ACP.

Although the Firestorm 38 comes with a spurless hammer it is not double-action-only and can be fired in the single-action mode.

The Firestorm 38, the first revolver to be made available from Eagle Imports, is of all-steel construction with extensive use made of investment castings. It chambers six rounds of .38 Special and, due to its rugged build, is rated for the use of high-pressure +P cartridges. Like the other Eagle Imports handguns, the Firestorm 38 is an import made by Arms Corporation of the Philippines.

Bianchi #5 Black Widow belt slide (top) with Galco 2X2X2X ammo pouch, and Sticky Holsters MD-5 with Bianchi Speed Strips and HKS 10A Speedloader worked well with the FSR 38. William Bell Photo

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