In a perfect world I’d wear jeans and an untucked shirt all the time, and I wouldn’t have any suits or ties in my closet. But because the man upstairs probably wouldn’t be very happy to see me at church on Sundays in my old Lynyrd Skynyrd shirt, and because I don’t think my consulting clients would be happy either, I find myself far too often wearing a business suit.

I imagine you’re probably in the same boat and don’t get to wear the same type of clothes seven days a week. If so, it’s important to know how to properly carry concealed when you’re dressed comfortably versus when you have to look like you’re actually a responsible and professional adult.

Casual Vs. Formal

First, let’s start with how to carry when you’re dressed comfortably, perhaps running errands on a Saturday afternoon. In this situation I like to have a holster that I can easily throw on in a second or two, which is why I prefer a holster that clips to my belt. I also prefer to wear an inside-the-waistband holster. I don’t believe in open carrying, even though it’s legal in my state, but if you want to announce to the world that you’re carrying a gun, that is certainly your choice.

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In a perfect world I’d wear jeans and an untucked shirt all the time,…