The part of town my wife and I lived in wouldn’t be confused with a great neighborhood. So I had a concealed weapons permit and my constant companion was a Glock 23 worn in an inside-the-pants holster. Well I was driving my daily beater, an early 80’s pickup covered in rust. Hardly the kind of vehicle that would suggest that the driver had money. I pulled into a parking space and as I always did, I checked out the surroundings before I got out. Well this man comes toward me and my truck on the driver’s side as I’m getting out.

He says, “Hey man do you have a couple bucks?” I replied, “Not unless you take plastic.” He then says, “Well give me your f***ing wallet then,” as he produces a knife.

I had my right hand on my Glock the whole time this was going on and had it halfway out of the holster before the knife showed up. When the knife came out I told the guy, “Calm down I’ll give you my wallet, you don’t need to use that knife. It’s only money right?”
Well, he dropped his guard long enough after saying this that I pulled my Glock out and for some reason (I still can’t explain to this day) I thrusted the gun toward the guy’s face and shoved right through his teeth! Well he instantly dropped his knife and grabbed his mouth and fell to the ground.

Two cars over from where this happened, there was a woman putting groceries into her sport utility and she saw what I had done and screamed! The store security guard heard this and came running. I’m standing over the attacker with my gun drawn telling him not to get up. The security guard is yelling at me to put my gun down while pointing his flashlight at me (he was unarmed security). I quickly called 911 and told them what had happened and in less than 5 minutes the local police were on scene.

After the usual disarming of me, I told my story to the two officers. After which I got multiple chuckles and laughter. A second car took the attacker to the local ER to get him checked out. As they had the attacker cuffed, I mentioned his teeth on the ground to the officers taking him away. After what seemed like half the night (which was less than 3 hours from pulling into the parking lot to end) I was given back my Glock and told I was free to go. I said something about the blood and gums on my Glock. The officer handed me some sort of spray, gloves, and towels to clean off my Glock, which he told me was suppose to kill off HIV or something like that when dealing with blood.

While cleaning the blood and gums off my Glock the two remaining officers told me that they were really surprised that I hadn’t shot the attacker. I told them I was too, but after everything was done and over with I was glad that I hadn’t since I saw no need to shoot or kill someone for credit/debit cards!
Ironically, the next night there was an off-duty uniformed police officer at the location and there still is to this day!
—MD, internet

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