The popular G27 sub-compact .40 has just received the Gen4 treatment, offering interchangeable backstraps and other enhanced features.

Glock calls the G27 .40 S&W the “thinking person’s” deep concealment gun. Now in its new Gen4 configuration with interchangeable backstrap panels, you can think a lot more about this intense sub-compact that can carry 9 rounds in the magazine and one in the chamber. The G27 has been a consummate backup gun for law enforcement since it was introduced in 1995, as well as an ideal concealed carry gun. While larger than a .380 or sub-compact 9mm, the slight increase in overall size is offset by its 10 rounds of .40 S&W. Over the last 20 years, .40 S&W has become the most preferred cartridge for defensive and law enforcement use, as it provides greater stopping power than a 9mm with more manageable recoil than a .45 ACP.

The Gen4 enhancements to the 9mm G26 and .40 G27 made these potent pocket pistols even more capable by incorporating innovative modular backstraps and redesigned and enlarged magazine release buttons. Shown from top is an earlier G27 with a G27 Gen4 below, followed by an earlier G26 with a G26 Gen4 right below it.

After 16 years in production, the G27 received the Gen4 facelift that offers the one iota of additional versatility it needed—the option of larger grips. The sub-compact .40 S&W comes with two interchangeable backstrap panels that overlay the standard grips. Panel one takes grip size up to medium configuration for average sized-hands, panel two adds greater depth to fill a larger palm and circumference for longer fingers. Another advantage to the design is the option to adjust grip size back down for weather conditions, for example, to accommodate heavy winter gloves.

Despite its small size and potent .40 chambering, the G27 Gen4 proved to be extremely accurate for the author, with groups like these being the norm.

For test purposes, I found the medium panel to offer the best fit for me. The attachment is simple—a small tool is included with the grip set to push out the trigger housing pin at the top of the grip frame. The replacement panel completely overlays the backstrap. It attaches at the base of the grip frame (magazine well) and is pressed over the standard backstrap aligning the holes in the panel with those in the grip frame. A longer trigger housing pin is also supplied and is pressed through the holes to secure it. It takes about two minutes to switch panels. The replacement backstraps have the same stippled texture, so the feel of the grips is not changed, only the curvature and depth of the backstrap.

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The popular G27 sub-compact .40 has just received the Gen4 treatment, offering interchangeable backstraps…