The Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show is the world’s largest (non-military) firearms and law enforcement trade show. It is held annually in January or February, and you’ve seen it referenced before in these pages frequently. It’s “the” industry event and most manufacturers introduce their new products. One of the things I love about the grueling four-day show is that I always come across a number of neat new products that are both cool and practical. This year I came across some products, new and old, that haven’t got the attention they deserve.

camelbak2.jpgCamelBak Demon
This is a product that I have literally been waiting for someone to come out with for years. You know how just about every person on the street is carrying one of those small knapsacks? You see everyone from students to professionals with one. Well, I always wanted one with a hidden, rear-access gun compartment at the bottom that I could access when I was wearing the pack. Why? Well, when you are wearing a pack, it tends to knock against a holstered gun and interferes with the drawstroke. If the weather is hot, a belt holster can be difficult to conceal, so this method, with all the usual off-body carry caveats applied, is a good one.

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