I’m not sure how they do it but you can feel the quality just by picking up a Heckler & Koch firearm. I’ve always revered them like many people revere German cars. Often out of my budget but never undesirable. When buying one, I can’t remember even caring to ask, “I’m sorry, is this gun used?” The reason is easy to explain and simply stated in their motto, “HK—No Compromise”. Just owning an HK makes you part of some secret HK fraternity. It doesn’t matter if you own a pre-86 auto or a well-used USP.

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This esteemed reputation is carried with the new P30. In today’s age of black, polymer-framed handguns, the HK P30 stands as a fine assembly of ideas that are tried and true. Polymer pistols are here to stay and ammunition manufacturers are meeting the challenge of making the 9mm caliber a better performing one. I base a lot of my opinion about combat handguns around three concepts: safety, versatility and functionality. So now, let’s talk about the P30.

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