Ted Yost from Heirloom Precision did a wonderful job of turning this Hi-Power 9mm into a fighting masterpiece.

Arguably, one of the finest pistols of all times is the Browning Hi-Power. Many may disagree, but it is possibly the most elegant pistol ever designed. The Hi-Power has a classic profile, instantly recognized much like its sibling the 1911. There is disagreement over the designer of the Hi-Power. Many will argue that it is John M. Browning while others give credit to Dieudonne Sauve, a designer for FN Herstal. I prefer to believe that both designers gave life to the Browning Hi-Power.

The Hi-Power has a long and distinguished history. Adopted by the Belgian military in 1935, the Hi-Power is often known as the P35. Shortly after its issue in Belgium, several other counties adopted the pistol as their duty weapon. The only pistol used by both sides of the conflict in World War II, the Hi-Power was manufactured by the Germans after they occupied Belgium while the Allies relied upon Inglis in Canada to manufacture their supply. Modern day manufacturing was licensed in Argentina with unauthorized copies being manufactured in Hungary, Israel, and Indonesia.

Over the years, changes to the Hi-Power have included the addition of a firing pin safety, better sights, a variety of finishes, and it has even been chambered in .40 S&W and .30 Luger. The safety has been modified to be ambidextrous with a larger contact surface. Grips have been changed from wood to plastic to a variety other polymers.

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Ted Yost from Heirloom Precision did a wonderful job of turning this Hi-Power 9mm…