Over the many years I have been working in the private sector I continually find myself working high threat protection details. These have ranged from protecting principles from contract hits by prison/outlaw motorcycle gangs, to organized crime groups. I have done witness protection details and protected clients from various nut cases who hate their particular brand of worship or beliefs. Over this time I have come up with a particular method of carry through trial and error that may be of benefit to other working professionals in this area.

handgunhideI look at the building of a concealment system, as just that—a system. Not just a holster and pistol de jour, but also a complete system that can be added and subtracted to depending on needs and function flawlessly together. Remember, the mission drives the gear, and this must be thought through and remembered. What is acceptable overseas is often not here in the US. Here at home, the rules can often change, and what is tactically correct may not be what in reality happens. I carry a long gun whenever feasible…most of the time it is not because of the laws and guidelines in place from both a legal standpoint and perception from our clients. It is a reality that starts us in a position of disadvantage right from the beginning as our foes are not worried about legalities and appearance, and will probably use long guns in their attack against us and our principles.

The system starts with our choice of firearms. Medium- to full-size fighting pistols are a must. Countless details included agents who were carrying a single, 5-shot revolver or a micro Glock or Kahr often in an off-body bag, under the car seat or an ankle holster and thought it was acceptable. It is not—period. Over the years, I have carried a variety of pistols and always carry at least two real guns on high-threat assignments. The first is a belt-mounted primary with the second as a backup. Without getting into the caliber debate, a 9mm using high-quality modern ammunition with a proven track record is the minimum for me.

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Over the many years I have been working in the private sector I continually…