We’ll examine a hip holster for a SAA revolver from Western Star Leather, a retro hip holster for the Colt Gov’t Model from Old West Reproductions, and a pocket holster for the S&W 2-inch J-frame from Bianchi International.
Western Star Leather Concealed Carry Holster

handgun2.gifJ. Costanza of Western Star Leather is a trained saddle maker now producing a fine line of handmade Western holsters. His H158 Concealed Carry Holster is made for SAA revolvers. While many recommend against the use of a SAA revolver for concealed carry, Cowboy Action Shooting has produced thousands of shooters who use SAA revolvers daily in practice and competition. Their skill with the SAA revolver makes it a viable choice for concealed carry. Western Star Leather’s Concealed Carry Holster is a beautifully executed pancake-style holster for strong side carry, my sample being for a Colt SAA with a 4.75-inch barrel. A very trim full skirt is fully lined and has fore and aft belt slots for a 1-3/4-inch belt, which places the Colt SAA in a vertical carry position. The lined traditional pouch is securely stitched to the skirt, and cut to fully expose the triggerguard and hammer spur, and is low cut at the front lip for a fast draw. The pouch is nicely wet formed for the handgun. All edges are expertly finished and the pouch has an attractive full basket weave and decorative border. The Concealed Carry Holster places the sixgun high and close on the strong side hip for concealment and comfort. My sample also is a great fit for my 3.75-inch Ruger Montado. I plan to keep this holster for myself.

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