We’ll examine three holsters for large-frame autopistols such as the 1911 .45ACP. These are high ride, open top, strong side cowhide pancake-style holsters called the “Flatsider” by Aker, a soft-padded nylon holster made to attach to a car seat for fast access called the “Kingston Car Seat Holster” by DeSantis, and a small-of-the-back cowhide holster from Mernickle Custom Holsters.

aker1.jpgAker Flatsider
The original pancake holster, designed by the late Roy Baker, was a unique cowhide holster that offered exceptional wearer comfort due to the superior weight distribution provided by the widespread fore and aft belt slots while carrying the handgun high and close to the hip for concealment. However, the original design had one problem. Formed from two pieces of identically sized cowhide stretched together fore and aft to form a pistol pocket, this pocket tended to collapse after the handgun was removed. The Flatsider, as its name indicates, has a flat backside with all molding for the pistol being in the front side. This improvement prevents the pocket from collapsing.

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