Home defense and personal protection is serious business, and it is important to have the right equipment at the ready when you need it.

Anyone in the firearms industry, whether in sales or training, will tell you that there are a lot of first-time gun owners out there now. This is particularly true in the area of home defense/personal protection, where most purchasers face what can be a daunting number of choices.

Not only must the first-time gun buyer choose between action, caliber, model, size and a host of available features, he or she must also contend with storage, transportation, ammunition and accessories. And making uninformed choices can also add significant expense to what is already an expensive proposition.

Gun—check. Extra magazine—check. Flashlight—check. Home security quick-access gun vault—check. Thanks to Smith & Wesson, everything you need now comes in one pre-made kit.

It is hardly surprising then, that Smith & Wesson—America’s largest handgun maker and one of the most storied names in the firearms business—is now offering the SD9 and SD40 Self Defense Pistols complete with a ready made Home Defense Kit. This includes just about everything a first time gun owner needs, minus the ammunition, for only a few dollars over the standard price, and takes a lot of the headache and guesswork out of the equation.

Smith and Wesson’s SD9 pistol offers 16+1 capacity of 9mm ammunition in a compact package with lots of extras—including a tritium front sight and accessory trail.

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Home defense and personal protection is serious business, and it is important to have…