When I started writing this column many years ago, holsters were made from leather and only leather. Now, we still have the traditional leather holsters as well as those made from long lasting horsehide, plus synthetic holsters manufactured from soft synthetic materials such as padded nylon. We also have rigid hot molded or cast rigid synthetics such as Kydex. We’ll examine an ankle holster by Aker, a strong side speed holster by Center of Mass Tactical, and the Universal Clipdraw by Skyline Toolworks.
synthetics2.jpgAker Comfort-Flex II
Aker calls their ankle holster the Comfort-Flex II. The 5-inch wide ankle band is constructed of heavy-duty black nylon elastic, which will stretch and flex as one moves for maximum comfort. This band is lined directly behind the holster with sheepskin for additional comfort. The band is secured around the ankle with a 6-inch length of Velcro that’s adjustable over a wide range of ankle sizes. The holster pouch is also made of black nylon elastic material, which is stitched securely to the ankle band. The top rear of the pouch has a reinforcing strap that’s wrapped over the edge and stitched in place. The pouch is slightly undersized for the S&W J-frame revolver, so one must stretch the elastic pouch and work the revolver into place until the triggerguard seats under the reinforcing tab. This secures the snub revolver in the open top pouch without the necessity of a safety strap. Yet when one grabs the grip to draw, it is easy to rock the handgun forward, stretching the elastic until the triggerguard clears and the revolver pops out of the holster.

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When I started writing this column many years ago, holsters were made from leather…