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At the time this took place I worked in a convenience store. By choice I worked the third shift (12 pm to 8 am). I had worked that way for eight or nine years—five years at that store, located a couple miles south of Atlanta. As I am a female, some find it strange that I worked alone at night. Some seem to think that females are always scared. Frankly, I really never think about it, as I have for years carried a gun for my own and my loved one’s protection.

That nigh, during a momentary break in business, an older model truck pulled to a pump, a man got out and a female got out and began to pump gas. The man came in and went to the coffee machine and poured himself a cup of coffee. Almost at the same time, the previous shift cashier and my daughter came in, other customers and the employee’s sons pulled into the lot. The man came to the counter and said “She’s pumping gas.” He then turned toward me, pulled up his T-shirt and said “Give me your money!”

He had what seemed to be an automatic pistol stuck in his waistband. I surely thought this man was stupid. I asked him “What?” thinking he must be a fool. He then pulled the gun and began waving it around at me. I had a 5-shot .22 Magnum revolver, which was always close at hand. When he repeated his demand, he found himself looking at my gun pointed at him. I said “I don’t think so.” He became flustered and ran from the store.

He was arrested two hours later and sits in jail. I did not fire at him because at the time others could have been hurt. If you own a gun and do have to use it, make sure you consider who or what is in the line of fire. Most of all make sure you know when to pull that gun.

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Editor’s Note: Combat Handguns pays $100 for each “It Happened To Me!” letter that…