Weighing a mere 17 ounces, the Solo combines Kimber quality with 9mm firepower and the indisputable ergonomics of the 1911. This brand new addition to the Kimber concealed carry line features aluminum frames with either a KimPro II black or stainless steel finish.

The subcompact pistol is clearly the focus of most firearms manufacturers these days, and for obvious reasons. Particularly with the polymer pistols, just about every full-size make or model has a compact or even a subcompact model to go with it. With so many people opting to carry concealed, it is just something the market is driving.

The Solo Carry STS 9mm features smoothed and rounded edges for both carry comfort and minimized “printing” through clothing.

As effective as full-sized pistols are, they can be hard to carry for long periods. They are also more difficult to conceal and generally require a holster. Since pocket carry is not generally in the cards, it truly illustrates the adage, “the only useful pistol is the one you have with you.” Many companies are now making pistols that make it easier for you to have a good pistol with you all the time, chambered for proven self-defense cartridges.

With an overall length of just 5.5˝, the Kimber Solo more than fits the bill for concealed carry through its compact dimensions and powerful chambering.

The 1911 market has certainly been no exception, with several companies making 9mm pistols in single-action 1911 configurations nowadays—including high-end custom makers. However, the traditional single-action trigger system requires that it be carried in a traditional-style holster of some sort.

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