Kimber’s new Super Carry Pro is an ideal concealed carry pistol. The combination of .45 ACP chambering in a 4” barrel and the round butt grips makes it potent, accurate and concealable.

Features that we all take for granted on 1911s today, like flared and lowered ejection ports and beavertail grip safeties, used to be pricey custom work performed by high-priced gunsmiths on high-priced Colt Government Models. Then Kimber entered the fray in the early 1990s and showed everybody that all those custom features could be built into a high-quality, out-of-the-box pistol for less than the cost of a basic Colt—let alone the cost of gunsmithing.

The rear sight has a cocking shoulder so you can rack the slide with just one hand. The cocking serrations have a unidirectional pattern. They bite in for a secure grip when you pull back, but you glide right over them going forward.

And now Kimber has done it again with their Super Carry line of pistols. The line-up consists of the Super Carry Custom, the Super Carry Pro and the Super Carry Ultra. In Kimber-speak “Custom” designates their full-size 1911s with 5-inch barrels; think Government Model. Likewise, the term “Pro” is given to the 4-inch barreled versions; think Commander. And “Ultra” is Kimberese for their 3-inch barreled 1911s with shortened grip frames; think Officer’s Model.

Disassembly is easy, but quite different than on 1911s with a conventional barrel bushing and guide rod. The key is capturing the recoil spring on the guide rod with a small steel pin.

The most notable feature of the Super Carry line is the rounded heel on the grip frame. All three models have some rounding of the heel, but, on the stubby grip frame of the Super Carry Ultra, there is only a very slight radius. On the Custom and Pro versions, the round heel is very noticeable. It is reminiscent of an Ed Brown Bobtail, but unlike the arguably angular Bobtail, Kimber’s round butt is a smooth graceful curve that effectively cuts down on the tendency of 1911 grips to print under a shirt.

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Kimber’s new Super Carry Pro is an ideal concealed carry pistol. The combination of…