There was a time when I considered laser sights a neat solution to a non-existent problem. As the years went by, I realized that they weren’t given a fair shake. All too often in the world of defensive firearms, many of us get locked in to a particular system or follow the beliefs or a particular instructional “guru” and are reluctant to give new ideas, techniques or technology a chance which in reality is just plain silly. Thus, I have given laser sights another chance and discovered that they offer a number of advantages that conventional handguns and sights do not.

lgFirst, the primary purpose of a grip or gun-mounted laser-aiming device is to help the shooter gain greater speed and accuracy regardless of the shooting activity. However, this is particularly true when it’s a matter of personal defense. At the same time, lasers on handguns offer a training advantage that cannot be found anywhere else.

Lasers provide shooters a visual reference of what their gun muzzle is actually doing as they depress the trigger. Even slight muzzle movements can take a shot way off the point of aim. Being able to actually see what your trigger finger is doing to the alignment of your handgun is huge. Crimson Trace Corporation’s Lasergrips fuse the art of firing a shot using lasers, providing you with an immediate and decisive advantage that could enhance your ability to get a fast and accurate shot on target during a conflict when you might otherwise be unable to do so.

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