SPRINGFIELD XDM 3.8 COMPACT 9mm by William Bel
Versatile and multi-tasking polymer powerhouse now in a smaller package!

TAURUS 1911ALR .45 ACP by Mark Kakkuri
Multipurpose combat handgun that continues the 1911 legacy!

BERETTA Px4 STORM COMPACT 9mm by Dave Spaulding
New breed rotary barrel, 15+1 pistol that excels in every role!

NIGHTHAWK T3 COMP .45 ACP by Jeremy D. Clough
Hybrid comp/ported 1911 in a concealable package that stays on target!

KEL-TEC PLR-16 5.56mm by D.K. Pridgen
Harnessing rifle firepower in a distinctive handgun design!

CARACAL USA 9mms by Richard Mann
Desert-born, NATO tested—full and compact pistols with international credentials!

With 100+ years of proven service, the M&P series is as combat-ready as ever!

STI SHADOW .45 ACP by Matt Berger
LE-inspired 1911 developed from the ground up for hardcore concealed carry use!


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