My husband and I had just finished watching a movie on Saturday night. With the kids in bed, it was getting late and we were just about to head to the bedroom when there was a faint knock at our door.

Looking at the clock, which read 11:45 PM, and looking at each other, we realized that this couldn’t be good.

My husband answered the door while I retrieved my S&W M642, my weapon of choice for concealed carry, but also what happened to be closest at hand. While I was doing this, the man at the door, dressed in a ball cap and messy flannel shirt, was trying to convince my husband to give him ten dollars. According to him, he hadn’t received his first paycheck from his new job yet, and his mother was at the hospital, and he just needed some gas money. Maybe, but my gut says he was looking for an easy mark, such as one of the solitary elderly widows that live in our neighborhood. With the door already opened, it wouldn’t take much for him to force his way inside.

I positioned myself a few feet behind my husband with my S&W in my strong hand, slightly behind my back, ready to act if necessary.

After listening to some of his theatrics, my husband told him in a no-nonsense voice to go away, and thankfully he did after a little hesitation, walking further into the neighborhood.

I didn’t have to show my weapon or use it, but as a woman, mother and wife I’m glad to know that I had the tools necessary to take care of what could have been a bad situation. Of course, we called the police to check up on the guy, just in case someone else wasn’t prepared for him.

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