In the FBI publication Violent Encounters #0383, the authors point out that bad guys hit the officer 68% of the time using a handgun at an average distance of 15 feet (range distances used: 1 to 150 feet). To the point here, the offenders stated they shot without regard for the handgun’s sights. Also, offenders regularly and informally practiced with their firearms and the majority were “instinctive” shooters. Some practiced in their backyard or choose locations where the sound of gunfire is common.

colt.jpgThese observations fly in the face of the almost-universal belief that the bad guys are lousy shots. This notion of incompetence is often reinforced by someone in a group of shooters mockingly holding his handgun “ghetto style,” turned sideways and held with one hand, while supplying his audience with a poor attempt at speaking in “ghettoese.”

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