Mike’s Hide-A-Gun serves two distinct purposes—to make firearms easily accessible in an emergency, and to safely conceal any weaponry that you own. Hide-A-Gun comes in two distinct sizes. The 11×14-inch handgun model grants the owner nearly instant access to almost any type of handheld firearm. The larger 30×57-inch model can hold a multitude of long rifles and pistols alike, while retaining the same fast and easy access of the smaller size. Each unit is custom-built to match your specifications. You choose the picture, the stain and a finish that matches your home’s unique décor. The spouse can be happy with the new picture on the wall, and you can have a sense of security knowing what is hidden behind it. For more information visit or call 817-371-2185.

The Drago Gear Ambidextrous Shoulder Pack enables operatives to travel lighter and longer than is possible with traditional backpacks—while still allowing access to the equipment and documents they need, when they need them. Product features include: ambidextrous strap for equal comfort when worn on either the right or left shoulder; deep, padded main compartment for transporting sensitive equipment such as cameras and firearms; adjustable water bottle holder; quad-point cushioning system that allows bag to move and rest comfortably against body; internal organization system for securing firearm magazines, tools, and other items; 1000D Cordura construction; and is available in black and tan. For more information, visit or call 305-826-1511.

Offering a specific firearm fit and a unique finger pad to help facilitate the draw from the pocket, this full-grain leather design is offered for small frame revolvers and semi-autos. The holster is designed “inside out,” with the rough texture of the leather to the exterior, allowing it to grip the interior of the pocket. Two “pocket hooks,” one to the front and one to the rear of the holster, attach onto the pocket if canted forward or rearward. The Pocket Piece is equipped with a “Vertical Assist” pad, or a small push-off point for the thumb. The Model 152 has a squared-off design to mimic a wallet and is available in reverse-out full-grain leather, plain tan. For more information about Bianchi holsters or other products, visit or call 800-347-1200.

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