At the beginning of each year, manufacturers roll out their newest and best products for an eagerly awaiting public. From guns to holsters to ammunition (to name just a few), this is the time of year to see what will be reshaping the industry. Although covering everything that is new would be impossible in this amount of space, Combat Handguns has pulled together an overview of some of the most exciting and interesting products released. Take a look, and see what you need to add to your wish list!

The pocket-sized Boberg XR9-S scales down 9mm performance to .380 ACP proportions. It measures 5.1 inches in length, 4.2 inches in height, and only 0.95 of an inch in width. Weighing 18 ounces, the 3.35 inch barrel with a DAO trigger system, pack 7+1 rounds in a pistol that fits neatly in the pocket (, 651-209-4812).

Further burnishing its credentials as a premiere pocket pistol innovator, Diamondback Firearms has developed the DB9, a 9mm companion to its miniscule DB380 sibling. With dimensions only slightly larger than the DB380, the DB9 is sure to be a hit. (, 888-380-2767).

Uncle Mike’s
They have just released the Reflex holster, a new retention polymer holster designed with “Integrated Retention Technology.” Essentially, the holster secures the gun in place and against unauthorized removal without the use of any mechanical device. The holster releases the gun using the shooter’s natural grip mechanics, which cause a slight rotation toward the body when a firm grip is acquired. Available in right handed models only for Glock and Sig Sauer pistols, the holster includes belt and paddle attachments (, 800-221-9035).

Elite Survival
Pocketing an LCP has been a natural since it was introduced in 2008 but adding a laser put a crimp (or at least a traceable outline) in carrying the subcompact .380 until Ruger teamed up with Elite to design a trim pocket holster that blends the profile of the LCP and Crimson Trace into a nearly indistinguishable shape that slips easily into a front trouser pocket. The ambidextrous Elite Pocket Holster is constructed from several different materials, each with a specific purpose. The outside is composed of non-slip Toughtek to keep the holster firmly secured inside the pocket, while the inside layer is a high-density, smooth nylon (, 866-340-2778).

Double Tap
Through Double Tap, Mike McNett is offering not only the standard pistol and rifle chamberings but many calibers that have inspired shooter loyalty for decades. Ten millimeter fans love Double Tap as they are currently cataloging no less than 14 different loads. Double Tap offer loads that many manufacturers don’t carry such as the .38 Super, the .40 Super, the .41 Mag, and .45 Auto Rim just to name a few (, 866-357-1066).

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At the beginning of each year, manufacturers roll out their newest and best products…