It was a common Old West practice for a cowboy to tuck his prized sixgun in the waistband of his trousers and conceal the grip within their vest when going to town. Today, waistband carry is as popular and convenient as ever before when using an IWB (inside-the-waistband) holster. Several holster manufacturers have recognized this unique necessity and have developed several top-of-the-line IWB options.

kirkpatrickTed Blocker Model 10
The Model 10 IWB holster is a simplified version of the Bruce Nelson classic Summer Special. While the Summer Special was constructed with the rough unfinished side of the leather to the outside, the Model 10 is constructed with a traditional smooth finished side out top-grade cowhide. The open top wraparound pouch fully encloses the pistol’s triggerguard to prevent premature access to the trigger when drawing a cocked and locked 1911-style autopistol. The pouch is wet molded for a snug friction fit to the pistol. The top lip of the pouch has a steel-lined leather band that prevents the pressure of the belt from collapsing the pouch after the pistol is drawn, and ensures easy one-handed holstering of the handgun.

The single belt loop, sized for a 1¾-inch belt, is attached to the pouch with a heavy-duty one-way snap fastener. The male portion of the fastener attaches the belt loop to the pouch and acts as a swivel for the loop. This allows the belt loop to pivot fore and aft relative to the pouch, which provides superior user comfort as the holster may shift slightly with one’s body movement. Blocker chose a molded sight tunnel in place of the Summer Special’s sight rails. The Model 10 is an excellent cowhide IWB holster for large frame autopistols.

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