Insight Tech-Gear’s newest tactical rail-mounted LED, the Procyon, is at the forefront of light technology. Its 125-lumen output LED, along with its precision focused reflector provides unparalleled brightness. It also has an ambi toggle switch that when double tapped initiates a strobe effect. It features a 90-minute runtime and weighs 4 ounces with 123 batteries. It’s a must-have for those dark nights. Contact Insight Tech-Gear


The Shuresafe LC Security Drawer is the solution for moving large, bulky, or odd-shaped objects between secured and unsecured environments. It has bullet-resistant faceplate insert, a rubber mat for skid-free transfers. It’s simple and easy to use. The drawer also comes in a variety of sizes so it has all of your needs covered. Check them out at Shure


New from Elite Survival Systems is the Discreet Security Pack, a convenient concealed carry option, which has two compartments that can fit most small/medium handguns. Constructed of 1000- denier nylon for maximum durability, the pack can be worn on the belt or over the shoulder. The DSP attaches to the belt with dual Velcro-wrap belt loops. For more info, contact Elite Survival Systems,


Tactical Design & Research’s Auto-Laser Sighting System is made from Delrin plastic and when used with the supplied holster, the Auto-Laser is instantly on upon withdrawal. It’s activated by a small magnet and has a manual shut-off switch. Target engagement speed is increased because of the eye’s ability to immediately pick up the laser dot. The Auto-Laser has full elevation and windage adjustable. For more information check out


The new EP3 (double flanged)/EP4 (triple flanged) Sonic Defender protects your hearing without interfering with your ability to hear routine sounds and conversation. Safe sound levels are allowed to pass through while noise above 80 decibels is reduced via the Hocks Noise Braker filter. The Sonic Defender can also be adjusted to block out conversation as well. They’re made from a soft hypoallergenic polymer and ergonomically designed for all-day comfort. For more details, visit


Sibert Knives are the ultimate in handmade bladeware. They offer a wide range of knives including the Colossus, a big knife with a 12-inch blade and black canvas micarta handle with Amboyna burl inserts secured with flared Titanium tubing. The Diablo Monster Pocket Rocket has a 5-inch blade and a titanium frame lock with micarta inserts. More models are available. For more information on all their knives, check out

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