If you like the Walther P22, you’ll love the new Walther Pistol Kompakt—PK380. German engineering delivers .380 power into an ambidextrous, lightweight, comfortable shooting pistol in nearly the same size as the popular Walther P22. Complete with a Picatinny-style accessory rail and available with a black or two-tone nickel slide, and can be found at

Remington Ammo’s new lead-free frangible pistol ammo offers no-ricochet performance ideal for training, competition, and law enforcement use where airborne lead or spent lead recovery is an issue. Made of compressed metal particles shaped into standard profile 9mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP specifications, the Disintegrator bullet core is completely protected with hard copper plating, ensuring accuracy comparable to lead core ammo. Not only does this ammo reduce wear and damage to bullet traps and backstops, it also virtually eliminates fragment ricochet even when fired against angled surfaces. For more information, check out

GripSwell’s GS-44 Semi-Insulated Pistol & Rifle Palm Swell is a dual use pistol/rifle shooting glove. This model features GripSwell’s patented Palm Swell technology on each hand and has soft plush leather on the palms to provide a high degree of tactile sensitivity. The back of the GS-44 is made with a SYN fabric polyurethane shell and a microfiber fleece inner lining for added warmth in cooler temperatures. To check them out and other GripSwell gloves at

With the patent pending GTUL & Mag Brush Combo, all Glock users can now disassemble and clean their 9mm magazines without marring, gouging or damaging the metal liner. Intended for use by anyone who demands smooth and hassle-free ammunition feeding, the GTUL system allows shooters to quickly remove dirt, dust, powder residue and grime that could hinder reliability and cause a failure to feed. Available for use with Generation I, II, III and IV Glock magazines, the GTUL can be purchased with or without an accompanying mag brush. Get yours by calling 757-647-0805 or visiting

LaserLyte’s new Rear Sight Laser (RSL) is a ground breaking new laser design that is incorporated into the rear sight of your pistol. Easy-to-install and easy-to-operate, the new RSL offers a high-power laser with the benefit of not needing to replace existing grips, internal stock parts or holsters. With an easily activated and strategically placed button at the back of the slide, the RSL is ambidextrous and will fit all Glock pistols and Level 1 and 2 holsters. Discounted batteries and more information on other pistol model availability can be found at

Safariland’s three best-selling concealment holsters, the Model 568, Model 5188 and Model 6378, are now sold standard with both a concealment belt slide and paddle mount. The new holster packages will provide users with the convenience of purchasing a single holster with a variety of mounts for mission-specific requirements. The Model 568 concealment holster provides flexibility for those who carry a range of concealable weapons. The Model 5188 features an ergonomically designed paddle mount to provide greater concealability, while the Model 6378 features the industry-proven Automatic Locking System (ALS) that automatically secures the weapon once holstered. Check out today to get the holster package that fits your needs.

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