For a price under most 1911/.22 conversion units, MKS Supply has a fantastic buy for gun owners across the country. A full size 1911 clone for less than $300, called the 1911-22. Both the slide and the frame are constructed of aluminum alloy, resulting in a lighter 1911. The lighter slide also allows for reliable functioning as it has less mass for the recoil action of the .22 LR round to function. Featuring walnut grips with laser cut checkering, dovetail rear-drift adjustable sights, 10-shot mag capacity and a 5˝ barrel length, this new 1911 clone can be purchased by visiting or by calling 866-796-4867.

atnATN NMV-14-3P
ATN’s NVM-14-3P is a multi-purpose night vision monocular featuring advanced 3rd Generation technology using ITT Pinnacle Image Intensifier Tube for a clear, crisp image in the darkest of conditions. Equipped with ATN’s Total Darkness Technology, the ATN NVM-14-3P has a built-in infrared light-emitting source that allows for maximum flexibility even when the available ambient light is minimal. Visit or call 800-910-2862 for more information.

c2holsterC2 HOLSTER
The DeSantis C2 Holster is ideal for a concealed carry option. This holster can easily be confused for a sunglass case or large PDA when positioned on a belt. The holster can be worn in a horizontal or vertical position and will fit belts up to 1¾˝ wide. Constructed of 1050D ballistic nylon with foam padding for comfort, it will fit all C2 electronic device models. For a concealed carry option for your C2 self-defense electronic device, this is a perfect option for you. Retailing for $34.99, check it out at or call 800-424-1236.

Now available to the public is Maxsell’s 8GB spy pen camera. This small pen-shaped camera records high-resolution video and crisp audio for up to 1 hour and 40 minutes and writes just like a regular pen with standard ink refills. No installation is required for use—just plug it into any computer with a USB drive. Visit or call 877-332-2343 for more information.

Safariland’s new Break-Free CLP Precision Shooter is a handy, needle-style applicator that can accurately apply CLP to slide rails, locking lugs, hammer and trigger mechanisms, as well as other hard-to-reach places with no mess or waste. Its needle-style applicator delivers 7.5ml of Break-Free’s proprietary CLP with pinpoint accuracy. Only 5¼˝ long and ½˝ in diameter, the Precision Shooter is compact and perfect for use in the field, armory or home. Get yours at or call 800-433-2909.

Those who respect excellence will salute the new CaseCruzer Universal 5-Pack Gun Case. The base and top are soft on the inside, but hard as nails on the outside to protect up to five handguns and 10 magazines in a custom cut Polyethylene foam. When closed, the lid secures handguns with convoluted, egg-crate style foam. Prized collections can now be locked down in an indestructible yet lightweight vault. Only 11.9 lbs when empty and able to fit a wide range of models and sizes, the Universal 5-Pack Gun Case retails for $185. Find out more at or call 800-440-9925.

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