Serious students of tactical shooting techniques recognize the need to have their low light shooting skills well developed. Over 80% of fighting firearms use is in low light environments. This can be at night or in a basement, attic, warehouse, or parking garage, even if it is mid-day. The simple fact is that odds are you will not be fighting for your life on a nice clear day on a traditional firing range. There are a couple of issues to discuss here. First, you must locate and identify your target. Second, you must be able to align your firearm with the target to make effective hits.

surefireIn the case of locating and identifying, the need for a good white light is obvious. Nearly everyone that has studied this subject has taken to carrying a flashlight at all times. This trend was first addressed in detail by SureFire with their excellent line of tactical flashlights. SureFire remains the leader in this field. A number of other firms have begun to challenge SureFire brand products, but SureFire remains the king of the hill. If you carry a sidearm, you should carry a flashlight. If you keep a firearm in your home or business for protection, wherever you store the firearm, you should have a flashlight—they go together. By now, whether police or military, the practice of attaching a white light to the “primary” or long gun is a standard procedure. Be it a combat shotgun or carbine the weapon mounted light rules. SureFire commands this market as well. Along these lines, many police officers, SWAT cops or military spec ops operators have added a white light to their handgun.

Weapon Lights
By now, nearly every firearm manufacturer that provides service pistols has added an accessory rail to the frame. Whether you like them or not, anyone marketing a new service pistol without a rail is placing their product way down the list of choices in handguns.

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Serious students of tactical shooting techniques recognize the need to have their low light…