Chris Costa is one of the most respected trainers in the contemporary gun industry. His experience has led him to Nighthawk, a gunmaker he trusts, to develop the Costa Recon .45 ACP—a gun that demonstrates just how effective the 1911 platform can be. Beneath the Kart Match barrel rides the new Nighthawk/Marvel EVERLAST flat wire recoil spring system, with full-length recoil spring rod and plug.

If popularity and being in demand are good gauges of the effectiveness and quality of a trainer’s ability (and in most instances it is), Chris Costa is a fantastic trainer. His opinions are respected and his choice of gear watched carefully. Leaving Magpul Dynamics, the company he founded and presided over for four years, did nothing to decrease demand for Costa’s time, as many fans and new students followed him to Costa Ludus (Ludus is defined as the Roman word for training school). Like other trainers with large volumes of students, Chris has ample opportunity to test equipment in search of what works.

As the Costa website explains, “Thanks to thousands of hours per year spent using and abusing equipment, Costa Ludus is in the unique position to evaluate and endorse solutions and services.” One of the companies listed on the website is Nighthawk Custom. Turns out Chris has been “using and abusing” handguns and shotguns from Nighthawk for several years.

For the Costa, Nighthawk radically undercut the triggerguard—noticeably higher up the frame—working with the beavertail grip safety to provide more control.

Chris’ experience, hard hours and popularity, along with the continuing quality of Nighthawk Custom’s products has resulted in a collaboration that should have a lot of folks clamoring for the new offerings: A Nighthawk/Costa Signature series.

Gun Details
Nighthawk’s firearms lines are derived from expertise, experience and customer demand. The custom touches going into each firearm make them good-to-go right out of the box (gun rug, actually). However, changes are what a custom collaboration is all about, and I was anxious to see what personalization Chris would require.

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November 2012

Chris Costa is one of the most respected trainers in the contemporary gun industry.…