Although there are some who think the “original” Model of 1911 is pistol perfection, the pistol continues to evolve. Don’t get me wrong, I love Browning’s original autopistol creations not only for what they are but also for what they represent. However, there were things John Browning himself didn’t like about them. One was the so-called “grip safety,” which was mandated by the US Cavalry. Browning also gave a nod to some of the “improvements” in the Model 1911A1.

novak2.gifThe Model of 1911 has continued to undergo a myriad of experiments and changes in the century since it came to be. Many of these have come and gone, while others have been valuable improvements. We can divide the Model of 1911 group into two basic camps, competition and defensive 1911s. Of course, defensive 1911 pistols are used in so-called “real world” competition, but the typical “race gun” 1911 pistol would seldom see a concealment holster. We’ll concentrate on the defensive 1911.

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