Sometimes the simple act of drawing your concealed handgun is anything but simple, particularly so if you’re in circumstances where having a gun in hand is a good idea, but the problem presented does not justify deadly force. For example, while you’re the passenger in a vehicle stopped at a traffic light, and you’re being approached by one or more individuals who definitely give off the impression they’re not going to simply ask for donations to the volunteer fire company. This scenario, of course, assumes the driver cannot drive out of the situation. Also, I’ve been in such a situation and didn’t want either the driver or the possible threats to know I was armed. This is where being able to execute an off-hand draw is well worth the time to master, compared to doing so in anticipation of suffering an injury to your dominant hand or arm, since the chances of this happening are rather remote.

discreet2.jpgHere, given space limitations, I’ll stay with but one holstered gun position, strong side and right-handed. The best way to draw from a seated position (in a car) is to release the seat belt and as you lean forward, draw your gun from beneath your covering garment. Doing so, of course, tells everyone you are very much doing something out of the ordinary. And if you forget and lurch forward, locking the seat belt, things can get ugly quickly if you already have your hand on the gun, since you are now stuck in place!

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