The new Bianchi Frontier Gunleather Defender Cross Draw Spring Clip holster makes the compact 2-inch barreled Taurus PD easy to carry by canting the gun at 23 degrees, thereby shifting the center of balance using an angled spring clip positioned at the gun’s center of gravity.

The continuing popularity of the compact Taurus Judge Public Defender .45 Colt/.410 gauge revolver has created a demand for concealed carry holsters designed to fit the smaller-framed revolver. Since the Public Defender is built on an extended Model 85 frame, rather than the medium frame used for the standard .410 gauge Judge models, the PD’s smaller dimensions and shorter 2-inch barrel made existing Judge holsters less than ideal, with the exception of the Galco Yaqui Slide for the Model 85 Taurus, which is a perfect fit.

Defender Rig
The second new Defender model from Bianchi is the Loop Belt Holster which uses a crescent belt loop allowing the rig to be slightly canted forward to back for comfort on a 1-1/2 inch width belt. The new thumb break strap is wider to cover more of the gun’s bobbed hammer and make snap release easier and quicker.

Earlier this year legendary holster maker John Bianchi unveiled the first rig designed specifically for the Public Defender, the Frontier Gunleather Defender spring clip holster. Now Bianchi has added two new models with improved features. The first is the Defender Cross Draw Spring Clip holster featuring a distinctive cant that angles the grips forward for a smooth draw even when seated. “After working through seven prototypes, we made additional improvements to the Defender design by enlarging the thumb break to cover more of the gun’s bobbed hammer, and also make it easier to unsnap on the draw,” said Bianchi.

The Cross Draw’s cant is about 23 degrees and makes this a very comfortable rig to wear as the gun’s center of balance is slightly shifted due to the spring clip’s positioning at the gun’s center of gravity, rather than the centerline of the holster. Form fitted to the Public Defender, the mouth of the Cross Draw is contoured to the shape of the grip frame with a high curve that covers almost the entire triggerguard, while leaving easy access to the Taurus’ meaty “ribber” grips. The toe is also sewn closed to provide better protection for the muzzle.

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The new Bianchi Frontier Gunleather Defender Cross Draw Spring Clip holster makes the compact…