You know what they say, “The first rule in a gunfight is have a gun!” In fact, some add, “or two.” Carrying two guns is often a good idea and is probably never a bad idea. With today’s ultra lightweight handguns you could carry two guns and hardly be aware that you have them at all. Two such guns that have long been favorites of mine are Smith & Wesson’s J-frame revolvers, the original Model 60 Chief’s Special, and the Centennial Model 42 with its inside hammer and grip safety.

snubbiess.jpgLaserMax’s J-Max
Small handguns can be more difficult to be accurate compared to large handguns. The question becomes how accurate does one have to be and time, distance, movement and light all come into the equation. In my opinion, any round on target is much better than a miss, and multiple rounds on target are much better than multiple misses. Although they are small, the open sights on the S&W J-frame revolver can be used under most circumstances. Of course, as extremely close range, the gun’s open sights may not be needed or may not be able to be seen. In all situations, but outside in bright sunlight there is another option.

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You know what they say, “The first rule in a gunfight is have a…