Previously I wrote about how it is important to get good training with your defensive handgun, but I also admitted that doing this is both time consuming and expensive, what with the cost of the class, travel, lodging and ammo. Good alternatives are to either wait until there’s a class near where you live or take a more active role of arranging a class yourself.

ggg2.jpgFor many readers, it might come as a surprise that there were not always such classes or instructors available. Early on in my shooting career, the only instruction was conducted by Jeff Cooper and Ray Chapman. Most of us had to learn the old-fashioned way, by trial and error. We learned and learned well, but we sure wasted a whole lot of time and money. In the 1970s, there were also but one or two books written on the subject, one from Chuck Taylor and the other by Jerry Gore. (Jerry was a South African IPSC competitor and his book was published there.)

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