With proper supervision on the range and the use of equipment such as Airsoft pistols, point shooting techniques combined with movement can make for a capable self-defense combination.

Certain fundamental truths have cemented in my mind over the years about the likely form of personal defense encounters. An encounter will most likely come as a surprise in lowlight at close range with multiple rounds fired. Numerous courses taken at training establishments such as Storm Mountain, Suarez International, and Tactical Response combined with the theories of Fight Focused Concepts as well as extensive readings of after action reports all reinforce these thoughts.

Quick reaction is a must in order to prevail. Force-on-Force training has reinforced this mindset, causing a rekindling of interest in point shooting methods for both myself and countless others. My own epiphany as to the validity of point shooting arrived during my attendance of a Suarez International Force-on-Force (FoF) course that utilized airsoft weapons in scenario driven exercises. The Suarez FoF course clearly illustrated that I did not consult my sights while moving to avoid getting hit while striving to land shots on opponents. I came away wanting to explore more effective ways to prepare for close-range reactive encounters.

Point shooting techniques have constantly evolved since early luminaries such as Sykes/Fairbairn of Shanghai Municipal Police and Colonel Rex Applegate of the OSS first codified methods. I pay close attention to modern point shooting gurus such as Roger Phillips, a Specialist Instructor for Suarez International, and Michael Janich—renowned combative instructors and point shooting advocates who worked with Colonel Rex Applegate at the end of his career. I contacted both to discuss point shooting and have been fortunate to train with each as well.

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