walt.gifWhat do you wear to a gunfight? The logical answer is clothing that does not impede your ability to get and use your handgun. A quick look at the apparel students wear while training at gun schools is indicative, with rare exceptions, of what works best. Currently the choices are some form of cargo pants or otherwise loose-fitting pants with multiple pockets and a long-sleeved shirt, which does not interfere with the weapon and spare magazine access. Then add shoes or boots that offer good support, knee pads, hat with forward-positioned brim, ear muffs and shooting glasses, all selected to enable and enhance the student’s ability to do a myriad of shooting drills as well as they can.

Okay, you can probably anticipate where I’m headed here. After school’s out, so too are the above clothing choices. Like it or not, society demands a certain level of conformity and the pressure to dress like the rest of the crowd (a phenomenon well known to parents of teenage daughters) is overwhelming. Simply put, people are much more comfortable when interacting with others who resemble themselves no matter how impractical the manner of dress may be. (Why else would anyone wear a necktie?) Unfortunately, society’s normal dress code does not lend itself to aiding in the concealment of defensive arms, let alone enabling anyone to carry a full-sized handgun.

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