The Inprint, from 9G Products, is a compact gun safe with a biometric lock that requires a simple swipe of a finger. The author recommends that you keep a flashlight and cell phone handy along with your home defense handgun.

When a situation warrants the use of a firearm, time is of the essence. So it stands to reason that your home defense handgun should be readily accessible. However, since the main reason for keeping a firearm in the home is to keep your family safe, the last thing you want is for a child or irresponsible adult to gain access your firearm. Obviously, the manner in which you store your home defense gun will be based on several factors, including whether you live with small children or adults who are unfamiliar with firearm safety protocol. There are plenty of options when it comes to handgun storage. Fortunately, you are no longer relegated to keeping a gun under your pillow for easy access or locked in a closet safe for security.

Bedside Storage
The nightstand drawer has been a popular handgun storage location for eons because it keeps your gun out of sight but within reach. The problem is that it’s within everyone’s reach and is simply too risky regarding the firearm falling into unauthorized hands. A curious kid might stumble across your gun if it’s kept in a drawer and a burglar will surely check there while ransacking your unoccupied residence. Guess what—if he wasn’t armed when he entered your home, he will be when he leaves.

The Quick Vault, from V-Line Industries, is desgined to be installed into a wall between wall studs. It employs a rapid-access, push-button lock.

Locking the drawer makes sense from a security standpoint but can significantly inhibit your ability to quickly acquire your firearm. You could leave the drawer unlocked and keep the gun unloaded or even use a gunlock, but this too will increase the time it takes to ready the gun, and leaves it unsecured.

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The Inprint, from 9G Products, is a compact gun safe with a biometric lock…