It seems the gun press is awash with articles on 1911 pistols these days. There aren’t too many arms makers who don’t have their own version(s) of John Browning’s venerable slab-sided classic. One of the newest comes from Rock River Arms (RRA) and I confess I’m so impressed with it that I’ll risk “1911-itis” to share some words with you about this fine pistol.

rra2.jpgGun Details
When most of you think of RRA, the images that comes to mind are specialized AR-15 carbines and rifles. However, RRA has been producing 1911s for several years and they are put together just as well as their long guns. Their latest model is their “Tactical Pistol,” a full-size fighting handgun that any peace officer or soldier can put in their holster with confidence. Recently, I was talking with RRA’s National Law Enforcement Sales Representative, Ron Carter, a retired lieutenant and range master with the Carmel, Indiana, PD. He explained that each of their 1911s is hand-built to order by master armorers with delivery times of around 4 months. These guns are fully machined and forged from the finest bar stock steel right with no investment castings and even the magazines are mated to the pistol they come with. Of course, all this quality doesn’t come cheap, so you might have to save your lunch money for a while.

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