The P210 was a pleasure to use and shoot. The excellent trigger and good sights would make the gun equally at home for defense or small game hunting at close distances.

When it comes to precision, target-styled pistols, I’m the first in line to try one. From the now discontinued Smith & Wesson Model 52 to the famous High Standard automatics to the past Browning Medalist, if it’s out there, I want one.

When Sig Sauer mentioned the P210 was all set for a reintroduction, I asked to receive one post haste. Much to my chagrin this didn’t happen overnight, as 300 pistols had to be checked, test-fired and then put aside for customers. But eventually it did come to pass and the pistol arrived at my door.

The traditional-style sights do not feature any dots or adornment as so commonly seen these days.

Gun Details
The modern P210 is a very exciting gun to hold and shoot. Since the gun is all steel, its heft and balance is perfect for the 9mm. Checking in at 37.4 ounces unloaded, the gun’s balance is in the hand rather than the muzzle. Adding a magazine full of 9mm ammunition makes the gun a pleasure to use, even as the magazine starts to empty.

The non-ambidextrous safety is located behind the trigger and above the magazine release.

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The P210 was a pleasure to use and shoot. The excellent trigger and good…