Over the years, SIG SAUER has established a very busy US factory, and continues to develop the basic design to improve durability and provide a number of variations of the P220 to meet consumer tastes.
The Elite line of P220s, for example, gets special treatment. One of the more radical variations is the P220 Elite SAO, and if you like the .45ACP SIG SAUER platform but don’t much fancy a double-action design, this one could have your name on it.

sig2.gifGun Details
One of the design features that recent SIG SAUER pistols incorporate is a rebounding hammer that automatically retracts to a position about a quarter of an inch back from the firing pin when at rest. This is a feature that runs through the different DA/SA and SAO models regardless of trigger type used, and it’s designed to be a positive and automatic safety system to avoid accidental discharges if the pistols are dropped. Any time the hammer on any of the pistol variants is forward at rest, it’s in that retracted position off the firing pin, and any time it’s dry-fired the hammer returns to it.

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