Like the .45ACP cartridge, the .40 is an American phenomenon. Originally intended to bridge the gap between the 9mm and .45, it places a .40 plus caliber cartridge into a weapon platform similar in size and weight to the double stack 9mm. A higher capacity combined with a larger caliber, what could be better? While not everyone has embraced this concept, the .40 cartridge has become the cartridge for American law enforcement. Thus, many legally armed citizens who keep track of what law enforcement utilizes have also adopted the .40 for personal carry and home defense. In reality it’s a good choice as has been proven in real shootings, and while the increased slide velocity and felt recoil is more than some can handle, the type of gun and ammo used can work to the benefit of the shooter. The importance of selecting a handgun that fits the individual can never be underestimated.

sig2.jpgThe make and model of an individual shooter’s handgun and its features are truly personal. For example, a shooter with large, meaty hands might want a beavertail attachment on the frame to stave off slide bite or what many call “railroad tracks” to the web of their hand. Another shooter with smaller hands might want a shorter trigger reach. The late Jeff Cooper said that any handgun intended for defense needs three things: good sights, a good trigger and total reliability. Let’s also add a proper hand-to-gun fit. A manufacturer offering a wide range of pistols with a diverse selection of features will certainly be noticed by the buying public as well as law enforcement agencies who are looking for a handgun to issue to their personnel of varying sizes and shapes.

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Like the .45ACP cartridge, the .40 is an American phenomenon. Originally intended to bridge…