Bowen Classic Arms is one of the finest custom revolver shops in the country. Their work on high-grade revolvers is simply legendary. Hamilton Bowen has recently released a new fixed sight for small revolvers—a giant step forward in enhancing the performance of these guns. Undercover, uniformed and off-duty police officers rely on these guns as both primary and back-up weapons. Bowen cites that most day-to-day CCW (concealed carry weapon) carriers rely on small, concealable revolvers for their primary carry.

bowen2In all of these cases, it is critical for the users to be able to effectively hit what they are aiming at, as these guns are limited in ammunition capacity. For the task at hand, the stock sights are horribly lacking in almost all the configurations, makes and models of these guns. Most have tiny, difficult-to-see fixed sights or some type of afterthought attachment of sights that are easier to see yet destroy the concealment ability of these little guns.

Hi-Visibility Sights
Bowen developed a small rear sight that is fitted at their shop, and sighted in. While many may look at this as too much effort for a small revolver, when lives are on the line, it’s worth the effort. Many folks are lured into the idea that they can just “point and shoot” their way out of trouble. Let me quell this right now. I have been in several shootings, investigated over 75 officer-involved shootings, trained with the best gunfighters in the world and one theme is consistent across the board… If you want to hit anything past contact distance, you need to visually verify that your gun is on target. As the distance increases, a more refined sight is needed. You do not control the distance of the gunfight if you are defending yourself, so if you somehow end up in a fight that extends past about 10 yards, you will need to be able to use your sights to hit. If your target is moving, you need quality sights to hit. It is that simple.

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Bowen Classic Arms is one of the finest custom revolver shops in the country.…