What’s in the box? The handgun, two magazines, a bushing wrench, owner’s manual and a gun lock.

Up until this year Remington had manufactured 21,677 1911 handguns. This was during 1918 in response to government weapon contracts to support the war effort.
That number is sure to climb if not double very soon. I first shot the new Remington 1911R1 along the Mexican border in Texas during early March. A precarious situation developed during a hunt and if the R1 didn’t save my life, at the very least it kept me from serious injury.

It might be hard to get excited about just another 1911 but this 1911 is being built in the United States by America’s oldest gun making company! And, it’s here just in time for the 100th anniversary of the 1911. Die hard 1911 aficionados will have to have one, just cause. Serious minded self defense practitioners and other savvy gun owners will first want to know if it’s reliable, accurate and everything a real 1911 is supposed to be. I’m at 367 rounds and counting. Check out the full story in the September 2010 issue of Combat Handguns.

remington-1911-r1-bStop the rumors, now we know. Remington’s new handgun is a 1911 and it’s made from real steel right here in U.S.A.

remington-1911-r1-cHow did the R1 shoot? You’ll have to pick up the magazine for the full, 15 load test report but I will tell you it will consistently put five rounds of Black Hills 230 grain FMJ ammunition into sub two inch groups, at 25 yards, from a sandbag rest.

remington-1911-r1-dThe Remington 1911R1 comes with classic walnut, double diamond checkered grips just like were found on the original 1911s manufactured by Remington in 1918.

remington-1911-r11Tastes in 1911s vary greatly with regard to triggers, grip safeties, series 80 safeties and so on. One thing all discerning pistolerlos agree on is that a 1911 should have a dovetailed front sight and one comes standard on the Remington 1911R1.

remington-1911-r1-fWhat’s the box look like? Remington green of course. It’s a lockable semi-hard carry case.

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What’s in the box? The handgun, two magazines, a bushing wrench, owner’s manual and…