Blue Stone BC26

In this column, we will look at concealment holsters for small-frame, 2-inch barrel revolvers such as the Smith & Wesson J-frame Chief’s Special and Colt’s Detective Special. Specifically, we will review an inside-the-pants belt clip leather holster from Blue Stone Safety Products, an ambidextrous soft-padded synthetic pocket holster from Active Pro Gear, and a rigid synthetic inside-the-pocket holster from Safariland.

Blue Stone BC26
Blue Stone Safety Products is a new manufacturer that offers ankle, bellyband and inside-the-pants belt clip concealment holsters. Their BC26 leather inside-the-pants belt clip holster is constructed of top-grade black cowhide. The entire holster is black, including the thread and the heavy-duty spring steel belt clip, which is sized for a 1¾-inch wide belt. The open top holster pouch fully encloses the revolver’s triggerguard for safety, yet presents the S&W J-frame’s grip for a full combat shooting grip with first hand contact. The face of the holster is hand-molded to the gun and the toe is securely stitched closed. The backside of the holster is lined on the outside with a rough-side-out piece of cowhide to help secure the holster in one’s waistband. The heavy-duty black spring steel belt clip is sandwiched between two pieces of leather to secure it to the face of the holster and positions the holster for a vertical carry. The Blue Stone Safety Products BC26 is an excellent leather concealment holster for the small-frame snub revolver.

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Blue Stone BC26 In this column, we will look at concealment holsters for small-frame,…