I only write about guns that interest me and guns that I’d like to own. And I have written about an XD at least three times. Unfortunately, I do not own one because the professional gunmen that have assisted me in these articles have talked me out of each pistol. Well, I thought I would give it one more try, but with a significant twist. I wanted to see what it took to turn an extremely shootable, robust, reliable and accurate stock service sidearm in a proven caliber into a highly competitive “race gun,” suitable for the highest levels of IDPA and USPA – IPSC competition. I was well aware of the custom XD services provided by the Springfield Armory Custom Shop, which are excellent, but I wanted to explore what someone who specifically lived and breathed the XD could accomplish, and also one who was an accomplished competitive shooter in the categories the XD was assigned to. Through the folks at LeMas ammunition, I was introduced to Scott Springer, owner of Springer Precision, who is a Grand Master level competitor that specializes in transforming XDs into formidable competitive instruments.

sprigner2.gifScott Springer
However, before we focus on the instrument, let’s take time to get to know its creator. By doing so, we will get to appreciate the human factors that go into each enhanced XD that enters and leaves Scott’s shop.

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I only write about guns that interest me and guns that I’d like to…