In the mid 1990s the FBI resolved to equip their SWAT and Hostage Rescue Teams (HRT) with a 1911 pistol, and a rigorous testing process ensued to select a gun. The outcome of these trials ended with their selection of what came to be referred to as the Custom FBI model from Springfield Armory. The “FBI Model” was sold to the public as the Professional, an entirely identical gun also hand-built in the Custom Shop.

springfield2.gifWhile these were and are outstanding firearms, they commanded a retail price tag of about $2,600, well beyond the budget of the average shooter. For those who wanted the features of the Professional without the Custom Shop costs, the Tactical Response Pistol (TRP) was born in 2000. Having the custom features present in the Professional, the TRP was simply a factory version that was more attainable and affordable.

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