The 9mm XDM-5.25 takes the strong XDM platform and enhances it for competitive-style shooting. This includes an accurized and lengthened barrel as well as a lengthened slide with a lightening port on top.

“My, how time flies,” I thought to myself, as I stared at the brand new Springfield offering before me. You see, it wasn’t too long ago that I purchased my first XD Tactical 9mm. I vividly remember the difficulty I was having just tracking one down to look at, let alone buy. A friend who is an avid shooter and heavily into shooting IPSC in the stock division let me try his XD Standard in 9mm.

Forward of the lightening port on the slide is a windage-adjustable red fiber-optic front sight.

After shooting his XD just once, I was hooked. The gun felt right in my hand—the point was more natural for me and I was immediately shooting it better than my own gun. I should say guns, because I had five other polymer-framed guns at the time in various sizes and chamberings. These were the days I had always hated in my shooting life… when you discovered something new that you felt was superior to what you had and you instantly knew this feeling was going to make you spend some money.

That was 2005. Shortly afterward I was three deep in XD’s and countless magazines. I was shooting IPSC and IDPA and firing 500 to 1,000 rounds a week during practice. In fact, a local store was selling 100-round boxes of Winchester white box 9mm for $10.97. Man, were those good times.

The barrel of the XDM-5.25 is match grade and hand selected to fit each individual pistol. Note the loaded chamber indicator at the rear of the ejection port.

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The 9mm XDM-5.25 takes the strong XDM platform and enhances it for competitive-style shooting.…