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About six weeks ago, I took my wife, handicapped daughter and granddaughter to a local hardware company to pick up a few things. As it was early evening it was dark when we came out. I normally park down from other cars in order not to get any dings in the truck. My wife and granddaughter were ahead of me by approximately 75 to 80 feet, as I was pushing our daughter in her wheelcar. There was a car in the next row some 50 feet up from our truck. Just as they reached our truck a man was fixing to get into his car. He saw them and started walking toward them. As WP, LA in the 2009 June CH stated, my danger voice kicked in, as we didn’t have anything that we needed help with.

I normally carry two guns, one in a fanny pack and another one on my ankle, in case I get knocked down or have to bend over. I also carry an excellent knife in my back pocket.

I unzipped my fanny pack, opened the gun pouch and grabbed the gun while flipping up the safety. I didn’t remove it from the fanny pack.

When he got about 10 feet from my wife and granddaughter my wife looked back at me and then he saw me. My arm was up at an angle, so I’m pretty sure he knew what I had, as he sort of grinned like “I’m not doing anything.” He then did an about-face, went back to his car and left.


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