Sleek and functional, the STI GP6-C 9mm delivers custom quality at an amazing price. The rail mount is ideal for today’s self-defense needs, accommodating quality lights and lasers like this Viridian X5L.

A few years back, there were rumblings that STI was planning to introduce a double-action pistol. Considering that STI is one of the foremost manufacturers of single-action 1911 pistols, many thought this news was most unusual.

I got my first look at the STI GP6 about a year ago, a DA design chambered for the 9mm, and I will confess to being underwhelmed. After all, hasn’t this concept been played out, or was that just my single-action elitism coming through? A year later, I found myself checking out a slightly enhanced version dubbed the GP6-C. After putting it through the paces, I’ve come to the conclusion that this isn’t just another garden variety 9mm.

Gun Details
sti-gp6-c-9mm-bGP6-C features an STI slotted hammer and a fully adjustable Elliason rear sight.

The STI GP6-C is crafted by the Grand Power Company in the Republic of Slovakia. Designed by Jaroslav Kuracina, the GP6 has already enjoyed quite a bit of success in Europe where it is known as the K-100. By incorporating the GP6/K-100 into their line, STI now has a top-quality production class pistol that can get up and run with anything else on the market. Considering STI’s strong connection to competitive shooting, this was all beginning to make sense.

Like many contemporary pistols, the receiver of the GP6-C is crafted from durable polymer. Pistols with frames made of polymer are lighter than, yet just as strong as their metal counterparts, and transfer less felt recoil to the hand. Unloaded, the GP6-C tips the scales at 23.8 ounces.
Both the barrel and slide are rendered from steel. The tri-top slide features fore and aft grasping grooves to facilitate manipulation. The slide is treated with Tenifer QPQ technology, which is extremely wear and corrosion resistant.

The barrel and locking system of the GP6-C is unique. Its carbon-nitrided steel barrel measures 4.25 inches in length and dispenses with the usual Browning tilting system. Instead, a helical groove cut on the barrel interfaces with a steel crosspin mounted in the frame. At the moment of ignition, the barrel remains locked for a nanosecond as the bullet exits the muzzle. The barrel then rotates on a center axis, ejecting the empty case. During the locking and unlocking process, the barrel does not have any tilting divergence, as it rotates on a centerline. If anything, this should enhance accuracy potential.

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Sleek and functional, the STI GP6-C 9mm delivers custom quality at an amazing price.…