The STI V.I.P. is a compact, high-capacity rendition of the classic 1911 design featuring a stainless steel slide atop STI’s modular alloy frame and a tactile nylon polymer grip.

I’m not telling you anything new when I state that today’s market is awash with pistols featuring a variety of double-action/single-action (DA/SA), double-action-only (DAO) and striker-fired trigger mechanisms. Despite this, a significant number of police officers, soldiers, armed professionals and licensed civilians wouldn’t be seen carrying anything but a 1911 pistol. And for good reason.

The modular upper portion of the pistol’s frame is manufactured from aluminum and includes the slide rails and dustcover.

John Moses Browning had a better understanding of ergonomics than any of his contemporaries and his 1911 pistol is still the standard by which all other pistols are judged. It points, shoots and handles recoil more naturally than any other autopistol on the market. Browning designed reliability and simplicity into the pistol’s operating system, as its sterling 100+ years service on the battlefield and target range has proven….and continues to prove.

STI’s Recoil Master system uses a plastic sleeve to contain the recoil spring/guide rod unit when you remove them from the pistol, greatly easing the disassembly process of the pistol.

And while some may criticize its single action trigger, no one will deny that it is one of the primary reasons for the 1911’s accuracy and ease of operation. Then there’s the old canard that single action pistols aren’t as “safe” as other designs.

VIPA Heinie low mount rear unit offers a good sight picture while also ensuring the V.I.P. does not snag when the pistol is drawn from concealment. The V.I.P. features an extended thumb safety and an extended, grip safety to prevent “hammer bite.”

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The STI V.I.P. is a compact, high-capacity rendition of the classic 1911 design featuring…